Using Raspberry Pi zero 2 W for Hestia Touch Thermostat?

It is currently difficult to find Raspberry Pi Zero W on the market. Can the newer version Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W be used instead when assembling HestiaPI Touch Thermostat? Can it be done without any other changes?

We assume it is possible but some “updating” steps would be needed (ideally running off a Zero W first) if you were to use the ready image file. We have purchased some Zero 2 but haven’t got the chance to try them out (and report back).

I have some bad news. The Raspberry Pi Zero 2 is not actually pin compatible, despite the claims. The reset pin has moved.

The picture shows the Zero 2 pi on top and the original Zero on the bottom. There are 4 pins in the upper left of the old pi that are not on the new pi.

I am going to do some testing and see about using a jumper to work around this, but we are not off to a good start. Once the hardware woes are sorted out, it’ll be onto testing the software.

I believe the only hole that is used is the one top left on the Zero in your picture. That corresponds to the pad labeled RUN on the Zero 2 and grounding it briefly will cause a hard reset. Short of drilling a hole into the pad, you could try to solder a pin onto it.

PS: Don’t drill a hole there… it looks like there is a resistor on the other side :crazy_face:

1 pogo pin with the right height could help here

with no drilling/soldering poor Zero 2.

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