Bullseye update

There’s a thread about the clicky board and it has a link to the page with the PCB files and BOM.

If you’re willing to ignore the fact that the wifi setup screen is a huge error instead of a nice UI, you can test with this image. https://gitlab.hax0rbana.org/hax0rbana_public/raspberrypi-automation/-/jobs/5754/artifacts/raw/hestia-pi-ONE-v1.3-dev-bullseye-5754.img.xz As long as you know to connect to the HESTIAPI access point and enter your wifi creds, you can get it to go to the main UI; it’s just the setup screen that is broken.

I messed up the quoting the last time around. My code should be fixed now, but it takes at least 6 hours to build a new image from scratch.

Also, I went back to the 1.3-dev image real quick and the touchscreen registers clicks just fine, so it’s not a hardware issue nor user error. It’s something in the updated software. After I going to get some benchmarks on the 1.3-dev (buster) image to establish a baseline, I’m going to try putting the version of kweb that uses webkit2 onto the buster image and see if it performs like the new bullseye image, or if it goes quickly. That should tell us if the performance issue is in webkit2 or something in bullseye.