Local UI issue ([lack of] rounding error)

Why do these kooky issues always happen to me?

OK, more relevant question: what file do I need to hack in order to fix this display issue?

Do you still have this issue?
I believe this is dealt within openHAB. Do you see any issues in its logs? There shouldn’t be a file to edit as it is already dealt with. The step for adjusting the setpoint (in Celsius mode) is 0.5 degrees, so the x.2000007 is really weird. Any idea how this was caused (setting the setpoint elsewhere)?

I am still having the issue. I didn’t see anything in the logs that appear to indicate any errors.

I am setting it with a curl command and just POSTing 20.2 as the value. The odd thing is that when I first set this up, it displayed 20.2 just fine. Then one day… it starts looking like this.

Follow my steps from your other thread and report in one place.

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