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Thank you for your beautiful project.
I’m finishing the construction of 3 hestiapi to the French standard, so the power supplies and controls on the box remain in 24VAC, the adaptations of the 240v controls are made in the electrical panels.
Not being able to access your store, I had the PCBs engraved here.
I’ve also designed an assembly for raspberry 2, 3 and 4 (see photos).
I created plexiglass boxes.
Now I want to modify the “touch-one-ui” interface a little.
I’ve had a long look at the project documentation, and I’m a modest developer, so I’ve missed a few points.

  1. as indicated in Public repos / HestiaPi / Hestia Touch One Ui · GitLab,
    is it possible to modify the interface from an amd64 machine (debian 10) or do you have to use a raspberry?
  2. I just want to add the date, hour and minute (since the system date) at the bottom of the display.
  3. finally, after a rest period, I’d like to sharply reduce the backlighting, and when I touch the screen, return to normal lighting.

thank you for your advice

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Shipping to France

Hi there. I didn’t create the HestiaPi, but I do run the store and help maintain the software, and I’ve opened up shipping to France and shipped one unit there. Shipping is $30 USD per attempt and after 2 attempts, I’m still not sure if it actually made it. I asked the buyer a few weeks ago and they have not responded.

So if I can manage to get things through, and people are willing to pay the price for international shipping, I’ll leave the shop open to the world.

But what you did is exactly the intent of making all the designs be open source! :grin:

Developing on amd64

I have made changes to the UI, but they were very limited. If I remember correctly, I just made the changes on the pi, but it should be possible to do development on an amd64 machine and just connect to the MQTT server on a pi.

UI update

It should be possible to do this. There’s not much room, so you’ll have to contend with that. I think the cleanest way to implement this would be to have a Thing in OpenHAB that is the date/time and then the UI can read and update the value in the same way it handles the temperature and humidity now.

Backlight dimming

Bad news for you on this front: the LCD hardware does not support dimming. There’s a thread about it here ( Howto adjust brightness ) where you can read more on that.