Setting up a HestiaPi Store on Tindie?

Hello HestiaPi People!

I’m the manager of and am trying to verify that you or one of your team (maybe @HestiaPi or @hestia_hacker?) is trying to set up a store on our marketplace to sell HestiaPis.

I’d love to hear from you if you are, so we can get you selling on Tindie.


Hi Jasmine. Welcome to the forum. Yes, I am the one trying to set up the store on Tindie. This is something that we have been discussing since September of last year and I’m happy to finally get to the point where I’m ready to launch a store on Tindie! Thanks for checking in with the community.

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Thanks for confirming. I also saw your email to our cs. I’ll reply with a little more detail there.

I can confirm this is a valid request for 3rd party individuals to help in small scale production. As we still want to have some sort of control on who can make and sell, is there a way to “validate” each maker/seller before allowing them to do so in your website? Of course @hestia_hacker is already one of them we have agreed on…

@HestiaPi do you need or have someone in the US to do small scale assembly? I can help if you do not.

We already have one to cover US, so let me check the status and get back to you…

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So the update is that @hestia_hacker will start covering US sales and the Tindie store will be up by next week so he can control entirely the process. Feel free to report here or directly with them about your plans.

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