Bullseye update

@hestia_hacker After testing, everything seems to be working as expected.

There is one small nit I saw on the info screen that I don’t remember seeing.
extra present sign on used disk

I am not able to reproduce this one. I tried it in both HVAC and Generic modes, and I verified that the info page on the simple OpenHAB UI is also formatted correctly.

Build 6038. If you SSH in and run ./scripts/getuseddiskspace.sh, does it show up correctly there (with exactly one percent sign)?

If not, can you compare your copy of that file to the following?

If that script works as expected, then it would have to be something in how OpenHAB is displaying that field. I’m just not sure why it’d be different for you than for me.


Ya, the same problem when I run the script, it looks like “cut -c 2” is the problem. If the percentage used is less than 2 digits it does not remove the 3rd digit that is normally the percentage symbol. If we change from cut to sed it should work.


used=$(df | grep root  | awk '{print $5}' | sed 's/%//')
echo $used "%"

Notes or thoughts:

  • Posted code here not sure how we should go about doing pull requests in your repo or the main repo
  • I do think this nit is important for a polished look because it is getting harder to find smaller sd cards especially if one wants the fastest ones.

Thanks for the info. I’ve submitted a pull request to get this fixed.

My general rule is that if it’s a change that I’ve been putting things that are specific to a specific version of Debian in my repo and everything that should apply to all versions in the HestiaPi image gets submitted to the official HestiaPi repo.

I realize that it’s unlikely that anyone would want to go back and build the v1.2-dev image when they can build the v1.3-dev (or v1.4-dev), but I guess it’s just a habit of wanting to make sure that I don’t break things that were previously working.

@HestiaPi: if you have time to review/approve the merge request to fix the display issue, I can cut a new image to propose for the 1.4-dev release.

Hello… holiday season took me away :slight_smile:
Merged. Thank you. Catching up now…

I’m working on building a new candidate. It turns out OpenHAB updated their signing key again and an unexpected PGP key caused my build to fail (and rightfully so!).

I should have a new image up for testing later this week. If the disk percentage full display issue is fixed, and nothing else mysteriously broke, I’ll propose it as the official 1.4-dev release.

My only concern with that would be the old issue with the different screen configurations needed for the touch which I understand cannot be universally fixed.
Can we get another user who got their HestiaPi from the crowdfunding campaign to do a test for us?

New candidate is 1.4 build 6185.

I’ve tested out the basic stuff: cooling, heating, 2nd stage, boost, Celsius, Generic mode, and disk percentage (mine is still in the double digits, so my test is just a regression test for this one).

Anyone else have time to put this image to the test?

Testing with the HestiaPi units from the original crowdfunding campaign, ones that I built, or ones you pieced together yourself would be helpful.

I’ve been using the last image (build 6185) for about 8 weeks now and haven’t had any issues.

I’d like to see this get accepted as the official latest release so we can wrap this up before we collectively turn our attention to the hestia32 model.

Added in Download – HestiaPi

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