HestiaPi ONE v1.3-dev-buster release

Download Link - Google Drive 1.5GB
Filename: hestia-pi-ONE-v1.3-dev-buster-4938.img.xz
MD5 Hash - a580e371d87b5800c61170e1dea759f6
Place both files together and run
md5sum -c hestia-pi-ONE-v1.3-dev-buster-4938.img.xz.md5
to confirm.

Version ONE v1.3-dev-buster details:

  • Based on previous 1.2 version (all features included)
  • Updated base distro to Buster! <== HUGE THANK YOU to @hestia_hacker and @jrtaylor71
  • Added support for temperature sensors that use i2c ID 0x77 (such as the SparkFun BME280)
  • Fixed issue where the WiFi setup screen would disappear before WiFi setup could be completed
  • Fixed issue with hot water control

As this is a dev release we advise to confirm functionality before committing.
(@hestia_hacker could you enhance above release notes with some more info and we will merge them in this post?)

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any support for Pi Zero 2w yet?

I don’t know about the Pi Zero 2w, but it does run on a Raspberry Pi 4 now!

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Yep, this same image will work on the Pi Zero 2 W. :sunglasses:

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